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Lauder Love is strong and we've reached our event capacity of 900 guests. But, don't lose hope. Please give us 48 hours and we'll come back to you with an update. In the meantime, join the waitlist here and we'll keep you posted. Please note that as people cancel, the registration system will automatically email the next person on the waitlist with a special link to register. Also, we will honor early bird pricing for all of those who joined the waitlist before 11:59pm ET. Monday, August 15th.

Thanks for your patience, we'll follow up with an update very soon.

Ticket Prices

To ensure maximum attendance, ticket prices are heavily subsidized through the generous support of the Lauder Institute, Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder and Leonard A. and July Lauder. The total cost per participant is approximately $1,350, but we’ve created five price levels to help make this event accessible for all alumni and current students. If you can, please consider paying your Lauder Love forward by purchasing a VIP ticket. 

Early Bird: $475 (Early Bird pricing ends Monday, August 15th)

Participant: $600 (covers estimated weekend food and beverage costs only)

VIP (Full Price Ticket): $1,350 (covers estimated total participant cost, $750 tax-deductible donation anticipated*)

Global Sustainer: $2,500 ($1,900 tax deductible donation anticipated*)

Global Champion: $5,000 ($4,400 tax deductible donation anticipated*)

All ticket levels provide full access to all events including food and beverage. Please note: Class Dinners, and the Sunday Farewell Brunch have a la carte pricing.

All VIPs, Sustainers, and Champions will be recognized on the event website and at the Weekend (unless individuals prefer to remain anonymous; all individuals will be contacted directly to convey their preference). These contributions go to underwrite the costs of the weekend programming.

LGAW Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Acknowledgment letters indicating applicable gift and donation amount will be mailed following the event. Thank you for your generous support.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $75 will be applied for cancellations received by August 30, 2022. No refund will be issued for cancellations received after this date. For security purposes, registration is non-transferrable.

Event Cancellation Policy:

LIAA Inc and LGAW Inc reserve the right to cancel weekend event(s) due to unforeseen circumstances at any time at their discretion. The nature of the weekend requires non-refundable deposits and prepaid expenses well ahead of event dates. In the case of weekend event(s) cancellation, LIAA Inc and LGAW Inc will endeavor to refund a portion of ticket purchase price, but there is no guarantee a refund of any amount would be possible.

*Please consult with your tax advisor, as we cannot provide tax advice.