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Break bread with your Lauder family at class dinners taking place in various locations all over the city. Please contact your class dinner organizer for more information.  If you don't see your year represented yet and are interested in organizing your class dinner, please send an email to or contact Evi Swanson '89.

Class Dinner Organizer Dinner Details
1986 Mary Malhotra Dinner details
1987 Paul Aris Home of Eileen Naughton in Chelsea
1988 Melissa Eisenstat Obicà Flatiron
1989 Evi Swanson Seamore's - Chelsea
1990 Rene Kern SweetBriar
1991 Diane McGrath La Pecora Bianca - Meatpacking District
1992 Sally Amoruso Dos Caminos - Meatpacking District
1992 Andra Ehrenkranz Dos Caminos - Meatpacking District
1993 Margot Waldman Bottino
1993 Laura Goldenberg Bottino
1994 JuYoung Shin Le Zie
1995 Janet Cowell Seamore's - Chelsea
1996 Alexandra Fuchs Seamore's - Chelsea
1997 Haiman Cai Hao Noodle - Chelsea
1998 Genevieve Kunst Home of Lisa and Buxton Midyette
1999 Sarene Marshall Serafina - Meatpacking District
2000 Melody Jones The Tippler
2000 Jennifer Sypal The Tippler
2001 Daniel Smith La Pecora Bianca - Meatpacking
2002 Anne Gildersleeve The Smith (Nomad)
2003 Michelle Tien Ariana Afghan Kebob
2004 Sam Sidiqi Ariana Afghan Kebob
2005 Sam Sidiqi Ariana Afghan Kebob
2006 Bryce Goodwin Cookshop
2007 Nima Safabakhsh City Winery at HudsonRiver Park
2008 Doug Cole Barbuto
2009 Patrick Deem Chelsea Ristorante
2010 Alexandra Thomson Chelsea Ristorante
2010 Lillian Wouters Chelsea Ristorante
2011 Kat O-Brien Cowgirl NYC - West Village
2012 Harrison Vigersky Bocca Di Bacco - Chelsea
2013 Cat Ho Tacombi Empire - bar area
2013 Paula Herrera Tacombi Empire - bar area
2014 Melissa Blohm Tia Pol
2014 Ying Wang Tia Pol
2015 Natalya Guseva Peking Duck House - Chinatown
2015 Andrew Maloy Peking Duck House - Chinatown
2016 Robert Bond Carmines
2017 Jessica Kong La Nacional
2018 Angela Londono St Tropez (Soho)
2019 Shunsuke Aonuma City Winery at HudsonRiver Park
2019 Lily Rogath City Winery at HudsonRiver Park
2020 Danielle Cerepnalkovic The Tippler
2021 Issa Saunders Playa Betty's
2022 Beatriz Dzialoschinsky Calle Dao Chelsea
2023 Hunter Dong Gogi 37 KBBQ
2024 Aana Bansal Puglia
2024 Christian Navarro Delgado Puglia
2024 Kelly Arifin Puglia

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