Affinity Group Programming:

  • Our Saturday Morning Networking Breakfast is the first affinity group networking event. We will have a soft start at 8am with a formal welcome at 8:30am followed by the Saturday panel discussions.

  • After the weekend, the affinity groups will have a permanent home here at and receive support from the Lauder Institute to continue to sustain the connections we've developed into the next LGAW and beyond.

Finding Your Affinity Groups:
Click on the name of the group below for more detailed information on the affinity group mission and co-captains.

Arts & Music, Cannabis, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Family & Parenting, Finance and Investment, Food & Wine, Government and Social Impact, Health & Wellness, Industry & General Management, LGBT, Real Estate, ,Media, Sports & Entertainment, Tech.

About the Affinity Group Mission:

Attending the Lauder Institute isn't just a one-off experience. Lauder is a way of thinking, a way of life, and it’s a community of goal-oriented, supportive and helpful people with a common thread of positively impacting our communities and sustaining the mission of the Lauder Institute.  During the networking program for the weekend we gather together and learn from one another - through serendipitous collisions and by chosen affinity groups -  both professional and personal. The weekend is a space for us to connect, network, build strong bonds, and recharge while we expand your professional expertise and explore our interests.